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Eternal Time (For Piano



new album
Day After Day  -Music For 88keys-

Released on November 12, 2021






SKY PIECE August 14, 2020 (Ambient movie)
movie & music : Junichi Wakimaru

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Solo Album

Aeolian piano








ostinato-label  OSCL1004 

mp3/aac : ¥1,200

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Piano Music & Chamber Music

OSCL1001Router 6ostinato-label  OSCL1001   

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Collaborative albums

Masaya Tanaka & Jun’ichi Wakimaru / cloud, misty, sun

High-Resolution Audio)

cloud_misty_sun_jaketostinato-label  OSCL1003 

wav, flac, alac : ¥2,160 

mp3/aac : ¥1,050

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feiz / Rebirth

OSCL1002ostinato-label  OSCL1002 


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In 2011, Junichi Wakimaru launched his first collection on CD recording “Piano Music & Chamber Music” – with the album he started his professional career as composer of chamber music, also playing the piano on stage, mainly with other instrumentalists of Japanese traditional music. His compositions are characteristic in the modal writing: through the modes, des themes appear repeatedly, or generate its variations which start their own developments freely, resulting in his characteristic palette of tone colours, as well as in particular timbres like pre-baroque early music or in Oriental atmosphere, with all of these he developed his own style, well rooted in post-minimalistic and ambient movements.


Other Works

Classical Music

Mebuku for Flute, Violin, Cello & Piano(2015)

Imagined landscape for 2 Alto Recorders & Piano(2014)

Yume no naka no Yume For Mezzo soprano, Bass & Piano (Dream in the dream)(2014)

metamorfosi for 2Vn,Cello,Contrabass(2014)

SKY for Flute,Violin,Cello&Piano (2012)

color for Flute,Violin,Cello&Piano(2011)


・Little Hello Kitty “Small friends & Big Adventure” (2015)   [Compose, Arrange, Piano]

・NHK-BS・NHK WORLD TV “News Today Asia” [Compose, Arrange]

・HIDExHIDE / ZIPANG (2012)、Encounter (2013) [Sound produce, Compose, Arrange]

・chen min / inori〜two as one〜 [Produce, Compose, Arrange, Piano, Keyboards]

・NHK  KAIGAI NETWORK (2012) [Arrange]

・NHK  U-doki NETWORK (2008) [Compose, Arrange, Piano]

・CX  Friday Prestige(2009-2014) [Compose, Arrange, Piano]

・CX  Toro to tabi suru the movie theme (2009) [Arrange]